Dressed in Diamonds

Katherine Harlow performs her signature act, Dressed in Diamonds. Katherine sumptuously strips out of a lavender costume: a tulle dressing gown trimmed in marabou feathers, and a pair of nearly-nude, pale-pink gloves, a bra, a steel-boned corset, and a thong encrusted in pounds upon pounds of clear, silver, lavender, and Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystal that catch the stage lights like a thousand shimmering stars. She also teases the audience with a large lavender ostrich boa, and sweeping lavender ostrich feather fans, concealing and revealing her porcelain body until the finale, where she strips down to a pair of Swarovski crystal pasties and performs a classic tassel twirl.

Dressed in Diamonds is the apotheosis of old-fashioned, extravagant, showgirl glamour, set to a dreamy orchestral arrangement of an old standard, with lots of brass.

Acts coming soon include:

  • The New Look

  • Stardust, a bubble act

  • Pink Powderpuff

  • Madame and the French Maid, a duo act