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Dressed in Diamonds

Katherine Harlow performs her signature act. In this act, she sumptuously strips out of a decadent, powder lavender charmeuse dressing gown with marabou cuffs, a bra and corset, embellished with several pounds of Swarovski crystal, that catch the stage lights like thousands of glistening stars, and teases with a large lavender ostrich boa. At the finale, she strips down to a pair of Swarovski crystal pasties, and performs a classic tassel twirl.


This act is accompanied by a musical arrangement that epitomizes old Hollywood glamour, including the tracks "The Big Strip," by composer, Cy Payne, and "Banned in Boston," by American composer, David Rose. 

This act is the apotheosis of old-fashioned, extravagant, showgirl glamour. 

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Feather Fan Dance

Katherine Harlow also performs a feather fan dance. In this act, she conceals-and-reveals her near nude body, adorned only with pasties and translucent bottoms adorned with hand-placed Swarovski crystals—appearing as if only wearing a few strategically placed crystals. This act comprises two large, decadent, powdered lavender, ostrich feather fans, also adorned with hand-placed Swarovski crystal. 

This act is accompanied by a musical arrangement entitled "Bear Mash Blues," by 

American big-band-leader, Erksine Hawkins. 

This act is inspired by the likes of Sally Rand and Faith Bacon, the originators of the feather fan dance. It is mesmerizing in its delicacy, daintiness, and coquettishness. 

Pink Powderpuff

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